Optimizing peak performance is the key to success in the arena of not only competition, but also in your life. Reaching your full potential is vital to discovering happiness and fulfillment. Being the BEST you can possibly be in competition, in your career, in your relationships, and in your life, is the highest goal you can ever achieve. OUR GOAL is to help our officials, coaches, and players develop mindsets, behaviors and habits that compel them to reach the impossible. We know that within each athlete, coach, or official lies a seed of destiny that will compel YOU to overcome adversity and reach the highest version of yourself imagined! In order to tap into YOUR potential, you must be willing to LET GO OF YOUR BUT TODAY!!!!


LGOYB Performance Optimization Training offers training for athletes, coaches, and officials involved in competitive team sports, levels ranging from high school, college, professional and international. We assist individuals with reaching optimum performance levels, while preparing for success in their lives – both on and off the court.

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The SUCCESS you desire awaits you! Invest in your growth and development. Personal transformation starts with you and your willingness to pour into your own potential. LGOYB Products are sure to inspire and motivate you to reach your full potential.

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There are numeral benefits to the use of LGOYB products, services, webinars, training and courses. The increase in the performance of our clients is exponential. Our training programs, courses, webinars, etc. will help you...

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Whether you are part of a group, a team, an entire organization or embarking on an individual journey of greatness, our coaches are committed to help with identifying performance gaps and offering the appropriate coaching  solutions that support the achievement of desired results. 

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LGOYB is committed to sharing amazing, bite-sized bits of actionable information with you that can really help you achieve your goals. We will do our best to post blogs daily. Nevertheless, our aim is to motivate and inspire you to optimize your life. #LetGo!!!

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LGOYB GameTime provides a well rounded perspective of what it takes to be a leader in the main three roles of the game: The Player, the Coach, and the Official. Each episode will highlight interviews with experts who offer great tips, tools, and resources to help you achieve greatness in your role. 

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Working hard and striving for greatness takes inspiration and motivation. Our motivation team conspires to bring our members a powerful mix of online videos. Videos posted on LGOYB Motivation TV, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes, will be filled with information and insight designed to compel you to your next level of success and achievement. 

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It only takes a moment, a chapter, a book, an idea, or a bit of insight shared to change your life. We strive to provide share as much information to that can potentially change the trajectory of your success, and more importantly your life. Keep checking back for articles, videos, links, chapter excerpts, recorded interviews, and much much more. 

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Personal Development

Our personal development programs, courses, produce, and services are designed to improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Performance/Technical Skills Development

Not only will we assess the amount of work required to bridge the gap between where you are currently and the self you envision, we also pride ourselves with helping you identify and manage actions plans, milestones, and activities that will create opportunities for professional growth and evolution in your career, and your life.

Leadership/Emotional Intelligence Development

Leadership is a vital key to success. Whether it be leading yourself, leading others, leading teams, or leading organizations, we strive to provide you with the skills and resources that will enable you to influence others positively. Emotional intelligence development helps leaders distinguish and express their emotions ways that promote positivity and compassion.

Weight/Fitness Training

We have partnered with experts and instructors around the country that provide optimum tools, resources, and guidance to enhance your sports performance, weight training, health and nutrition awareness.


We provide a wide array of free resources and tools to support your growth and development efforts, such as articles, videos, links, chapter excerpts, recorded interviews, and much much more.


Beyond technical skills development, skills such as communication, leadership, relationship building, emotional intelligence, building rapport with teammates, crews, coaches, or officials the like is extremely vital to your success. Because there are so many qualities and attributes that may require further development in your quest for greatness, we align you with top notch coaches and mentors to those who require a more hands on approach to your development.

Program Certification

Course attendees receive a Certificate of Completion at the completion of each course. As we continue to grow, and our content, tools, and resources expand, our goal is to offer our members the opportunity to take part in our LGOYB Certification Program®. Becoming LGOYB Certified is a visible sign of your advanced experience and skill set. Thus, you will automatically gain a distinct advantage of promotion in your career.


The life you desire is a click away!

A Note From Our Founder:

I want you to know that despite the challenges you may be currently facing, your success and achievement, your growth and evolution, and most specifically, your life are extremely important. After all, it cannot unfold or evolve without you. The key to creating exactly what you desire and envision is in understanding that the life to which you aspire doesn’t just happen…it’s practiced. Just as much as it is important to you, I believe your life is a major contribution to  our community. Because of this, I would like to be a part of your quest for success, joy, happiness, freedom and fulfillment. 

In knowing that there is a message, an opportunity for transformation and potential in  EVERYTHING you encounter, I pledge to offer insight as a means of helping you become more enlightened to the awareness of greatness within you. Evolution, transformation and the change you wish to see in your life is always possible. 

I invite you to take your first step toward transition, transcendence and transformation. Allow me to can get a get a better idea of what you need by sharing the following information: 


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